National Infectious Diseases Conference – “Doors opening to the future” Timisoara, 28 – 30 mai 2015

During 28-30 May 2015 Timisoara hosted the National Infectious Diseases Conference – “ Doors opening to the future- Porti deschise spre viitor”. At this event, that targeted highly interesting subjects for the medical community and not only, RO 19.02. Project: “Strengthening the prevention and control of HBV, HCV and HIV in Romania”, financed by the Financial Norwegian mechanism. The presentation generated interesting discussions especially during the session: “A new approach in curing HCV- Noua fata a vindecarii in hepatita C“.

Our colleagues specialized in Infectious Diseases were open about getting involved in the project and to provide its sustainability in the future, with achievable results. The general opinion about the project was that it represents a useful initiative for this field that will provide updated information once the assessment study of attitudes, mentalities and behavior in the general population is performed. Also, an appreciated element is the screening for HBV, HCV that will be applied to the general population.

Another core aspect is the information, education and communication campaign among the general population that will improve prevention of HBV, HCV, HIV transmission and early detection. Images from the Conference and the presentation can be viewed below.