Laboratory Activities

Staring with July 2015, National Institute for Infectious Diseases “Prof. Dr. Matei Bals” has begun to implement a testing programme, as part of the national HIV, HBV, HCV screening provisioned by RO 19.02 “Strengthening the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, HBC, HCV in Romania”, sustained by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. The programme‘s main objective is the release of a National HBV and HCV Registry based on 37.500 Elisa tests that should detect HIV, HBV and HCV. The screening is currently deployed in partnership with family planning doctors and General Practitioners who expressed their willingness to participate. Other physicians are welcome to join the programme, in the sense that they can send their patients for free HIV, HBV and HCV screening in view of entering those who test positive in the abovementioned Registry. Testing is performed by a central laboratory that was selected via an official public tender, in accordance with laws in force.
The section bellow illustrates how this activity works: