Results of the trainig for GPs

Results of the training course held at national level for General Practitioners on HIV/AIDS, HBV, HCV RO 19 02 „Strenghtening the control and prevention of HIV/AIDS, HBV and HCV in Romania”

  Regional Center Regional Representative Date of the training course No. of participants/General Practitioners (GPs)
1 IAȘI Regional Center  Infectious Diseases Hospital  “ Sf. Parascheva", Iasi
No.2   Octav Botez St. Iasi District
27 November 2014 58  GPs
2. CONSTANȚA Regional Center  Infectious Diseases Hospital
No. 100 Ferdinand Bd, Constanta County
9  November  2014 19 GPs
3. CRAIOVA  Regional Center  Craiova Clinical Hospital for Pneumophtisiology and Infectious Diseases
No. 126, Calea Bucuresti Road
IMF - Str. Petru Rares, 200349, Dolj County
19 December 2014 25  GPs
4. BRAȘOV Regional Center  Brasov Infectious Diseases Hospital
No. 9, Mihai Viteazu St, Brasov County
20 February 2015 23  GPs
5. TG. Mures  Regional Center  Infectious Diseases Clinic 2, No.89, Gh. Doja Street, Mures County  31 January 2015 26  GPs
6. Timisoara Regional Center  Clinical Hopsital for Infectious Diseases and  Pneumophtisiology
No.13, Gheorghe Adam, Timiosara, Timis County
14 February 2015 20  GPs
7. Cluj-Napoca  Regional Center  Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases Cluj-Napoca
No.23, Iuliu Moldovan Street, Cluj County
22 November  2014 41  GPs
8. Victor Babes Bucuresti  Regional Center  Clinical Hospital for Infectious and Tropical Diseases “Victor Babes”
No.281, Mihai Bravu Road, District 3, Bucharest   
12 February 2015 41  GPs
9. INBI Prof. Dr. Matei  Balș  Regional Center  National Institute for Infectious Diseases “Prof. Dr. Matei Bals”
No.1, Dr. Grozovici Street, District 2, Bucharest 
3 March 2015 83  GPs